hobex SMART

Accept card payments now - no matter where you are!
With hobex SMART and your smartphone or tablet your customers can pay quickly and easily with mobiles - even contactless.




Connection to a mobile cash register possible.
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A fixed price for all cards, whether credit or debit card- no surprises!


High-quality and light card reader with NFC technology and Bluetooth.


No monthly fees and no ties with the SMART GO! tariff.


SMART is very mobile thanks to the small size and low weight - fits in any pocket!


Connection to a mobile cash register possible.


hobex SMART is a mobile card reader (mPOS terminal) which couples with your smartphone or tablet. So you can accept card payments when and where you like!



Accept card payments with easy with your smartphone. The SMART app connects you to the SMART card reader via Bluetooth.


Then follow the instructions on the card reader. The card data can be read by chip, magnetic strip or contactless.


Depending on the type of card, your customer will be requested to enter the PIN code or sign on the smartphone. For NFC payments up to 50.00 EUR no PIN is required.


You now have the option to send the customer the invoice via e-mail or to print out the invoice.


You have the choice: Monthly payments or a one off purchase of the card reader?
Depending on how your customers pay, one package may be more worthwhile than the other.



Ideal if you only accept occasional or irregular card payments.

Monthly fees


EUR 0,-


Card reader

 EUR 149,-

 EUR 69,-

Service fee


+ EUR 0,10

Transfer period


Minimum contract length

No commitment



Ideal if you accept regular card payments.

Monthly fees

EUR 4,90

(= EUR 58,80 / year)

Card reader

EUR 0,-

Service fee


+ EUR 0,10

Transfer period


Minimum contract length

24 months



Master Card



Only 1 terminal at the offer price of 69.00 EUR per new customer - normal price 149.00 EUR. As long as stocks last.
Invoicing period annually in advance. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

* individual agreement


„We wanted to say thank you again. We are very happy with the new smart device. It allows our customers to pay for their bows and other bow equipment directly and easily without cash."
„I can really push forward with my confectionery start-up thanks to hobex SMART! I regularly use the SMART to deliver my sweet specialities - and the customers are thankful that they can pay without cash."
Petra Vlajic - Badener Genusswerk
„I use hobex SMART in my TCM practice and I am delighted. The money is in my account quickly and the app is easy to use."
Christian Klampfer - Tuina-Praxis
„We arrange tandem flights over the most beautiful locations in Salzburg and we use the new hobex SMART terminal every day. Our guests are very happy with this payment solution. Anybody can carry out transactions with the app and smartphone. We do not have any fixed monthly costs and the payments are in our account quickly, thanks to hobex."
Sebastian Grübl - paragleitensalzburg.at
„Mucho Gusto is the first Food Truck in Austria with original, premium quality Mexican fast food. We benefit with our customers from the flexible payment option from hobex SMART!"
Lars Kroiss - Mucho Gusto







Order and agreement

  1. Who is the hobex SMART suitable for?

    On one hand, the hobex SMART is particularly suitable for small customers and liquidated farmers, among others, who only occasionally accept card payments from customers, due to its low costs. On the other hand, companies which do not offer their services/goods in fixed business premises, such as taxi drivers and trade fair retailers, also profit because hobex SMART is a mobile application.

    Please note: hobex SMART is solely for processing cashless payments and DOES NOT replace a legally required cash register. 

  2. How much is hobex SMART?
    hobex smart is a low-cost entry option into processing card payments. It is available in two variants:


    1. SMART GO: Purchasing variants without connection and without fixed monthly costs

    2. SMART EASY: as a rental variant with a minimum term of two years 

  3. How can I order hobex SMART?

    The fastest way is online at https://www.hobex.at/at/produkte/terminals/smart/
    If you have more questions or would like a personal visit, contact us at vertrieb@hobex.at

  4. What data and documents do I need for an order?

    You need to completely enter your data into the online form - name, company, telephone, e-mail address, UID number ... This data is checked by hobex; if there is incorrect or incomplete data, we will unfortunately have to reject the order. You can see the documents we require from you in this PDF.

  5. What is an Ident.Brief?

    as a payment institution, hobex is legally obliged to identify its customers. For this reason, we send out the hobex SMART starter pack via Ident.Brief from Austrian Post AG. As part of the pack transfer, the postal workers record the data from your official photo ID (passport, driver’s licence, personal ID) in a form.


    1. Please note that the transfer of the pack is only made to the person named in the order. If you are not personally present, the pack is sent to the post office for collection

    2. after identification with an official photo ID. 
      The e-card, various customer or club cards and transportation tickets are not official ID! 

  6. How long does the order take?

    About 1 week in total. 
    Your data is checked and the hobex SMART starter pack is usually sent within 2-3 working days. After the pack is sent via Ident/Brief, the identification data is sent by the Post to hobex. After this data arrives the release process can take place. 

  7. How do I let my customers know that I accept cards?
    There is a sticker in the hobex SMART starter pack which should be placed on your business door or in the area of the cash register.


First steps

  1. How do I get the ‘hobex SMART app’ on my smartphone?

    The app can be found in the Google Playstore or in the Apple App Store under the name ‘hobex SMART’. You can download it from there and then install it on your end device. 

    Please note: Your Smartphone must support Bluetooth and have Android 5.0 or newer or Apple iOS 9.3 or newer. 
    We do not currently support other smartphone operating systems such as Windows Phone or Blackberry. 

  2. How does the coupling work between a mobile and hobex SMART (Bluetooth pairing)?

    ‘Pairing’ describes the coupling between the smartphone and hobex SMART via Bluetooth. The devices should not be more than 1 to 2 meters apart. The process is independent of the hobex smart app and is carried out directly in the mobile operating system:


    1. Turn on the hobex SMART card reader and wait until it is ready. Press the yellow button (<) to get to the main menu and select transfer from the first menu point 1. The card reader is now in pairing mode.

    2. Start a device search on the smartphone under Bluetooth settings. You need to find a device with the name ‘hobex...’

    3. Select ‘coupling/pairing’ to connect the smartphone to the located hobex SMART. A payment code is displayed on the telephone which is typed into the hobex SMART and completed with the green OK button.

    4. The smartphone displays the successful coupling 

  3. Can I couple (‘pair’) the card reader with several telephones?

    Yes, this is possible. For stability reasons, we do not recommend coupling more than 3 different smartphones / tablets. 

  4. First log in with the app

    Start the hobex SMART app and enter the username and password which was sent to you by e-mail and then ideally select the option ‘Stay logged in’. The app now requests that you change the password. 
    Please note the regulations for passwords with a minimum length of 8 characters and a combination of letters and numbers 

  5. Check the card reader coupling

    Select MENU => card reader in the app and check again, just to be sure, that the hobex SMART card reader name shown previously is also available here and confirmed with a green tick


Make payments

Make your customers aware before the transaction that they must make a digital signature on the smartphone display and the invoice will be provided in electronic form (e-mail). 

  1. Log in to the app

    Start the app and enter your username as given in the start mail and your selected password (see First step). Select the option stay logged in if you want to avoid logging in again every time you leave the application.

    Please note: Even with the option ‘Remain logged in’, a new log in is required after several hours for security reasons 

  2. Enter amount

    After the log in you will automatically be taken to the ‘Payment’ screen. If this does not appear, select ‘New payment’ on the lower edge of the app.

    Enter the amount using the on-screen keyboard which appears. Please enter EUR (before the decimal point) and the cents (after the decimal point). You also have the option to add a numerical payment reference (for example, invoice number).

    Then tap Start payment

    Please note: The card reader must also be switched on and Bluetooth must be activated on your mobile 

  3. Using cards with the hobex SMART

    The app now transfers the data to the card reader. The amount and instructions to read in the card in the chip reader (slot on the right side of the device) appears or for contactless payment, hold the card on the rear side of the hobex SMART. 
    After you have inserted the card it will query the amount again, which you can confirm with the green (OK) button. 
    Depending on the type of card there are now different types of release:


    1. If there is a message ‘Enter PIN’ on the card reader, the card holder must enter his or her PIN and confirm with the green button on the card reader (OK). The PIN is checked and the transaction is then either accepted or, in the event of an incorrect PIN, rejected.

    2. If the message ‘Please remove card’ or ‘Return device to distributor’ is displayed on the card reader and a signature field appears on the smartphone this is a card which requires a signature. The card holder must sign on the smartphone. If the card holder’s signature is unsuccessful, it can be re-entered with the delete button (top right in the app). 
      The distributor must confirm that they have compared the customer signature on the mobile with the signature on the back of the card by pressing the green button (OK) on the hobex SMART card reader. Otherwise, the transaction can be rejected with the red button (X).

    3. For NFC payment (contactless), this is either completed directly without entering a PIN (under 25 EUR) or the PIN is to be entered by the card holder as described under point a). 

  4. Print / e-mail invoice

    A successfully completed transaction is displayed on the app (transaction successful) and then the invoice can be:


    1. sent to the card holder by e-mail using ‘Mail invoice’ 
      Please note: If the customer does not want to enter their e-mail, there is the option to scan a QR code in the invoice list and thereby save all the transaction relevant data themselves or to issue a hand-written transaction confirmation.

    2. With ‘Print invoice’ the invoice is sent to a printer recognised by the smartphone (WLAN)

    Please note: the card invoice is not an invoice for tax purposes

  5. Invoice list

    The menu point ‘Invoices’ is on the lower edge of the app and it provides the option to view a list of all completed transactions for the current day. By clicking the arrow next to the transaction

    1. the details can be viewed

    2. the transaction can be cancelled

    3. the invoice for the transaction can be sent again by e-mail or to a printer 


Cancel payment, credit

  1. What is the difference between cancellation and credit?

    Only payments on the current day can be cancelled, credit can also affect earlier transactions. A cancellation is typical if there is a typing error in the amount - credit is typically for returned goods. For credit vouchers, the card holder must present his or her card. 

  2. How can I cancel a payment?

    Go to ‘Invoices’ for transactions completed today and select the details of the affected transaction using the arrow symbol. The ‘Cancel’ function is available at the bottom of the display

  3. How can I arrange a credit voucher?

    Open the MENU in the app and select the function ‘Credit’. A credit works like a payment and the card must be used.


    1. Enter the amount to be credited

    2. Insert the card into the card reader

    3. Wait until the message ‘Refund accepted’ appears on the card reader or until a successful credit voucher is shown in the app

    4. The credit voucher is also displayed separately in the invoice list


Payments, transfer deadlines, PartnerNET

  1. How can I get my money?

    The SMART transactions are transferred to you directly, meaning within one bank business day. Public holidays as well as Saturdays and Sundays are compiled and invoiced on the following Austrian bank business day. You can see a transfer preview at any time on hobex PartnerNet. 

  2. What is PartnerNet and where can I find it?

    PartnerNet is a free service for viewing the daily income with several view and evaluation options. The income data can be issued as a ‘printed version’ or exported to CSV. 

    hobex PartnerNet is available under the link https://www.hobex.at/at/service/partnernet/ or as a separate app for Android and iOS.

Card reader and troubleshooting

  1. How do I turn the hobex SMART card reader on/off?

    The card reader can be turned on/off with the white button. After a while, the card also goes into energy-saving mode, it can be activated either by pushing a button or through a transaction. 

  2. There is no Bluetooth connection between the card reader and my mobile. What could be the reason for this?

    Please check the following:


    1. Does your mobile have a compatible operating system (see First step)

    2. Is Bluetooth switched on and ‘visible’ on your mobile (allow connection from unknown devices) 

  3. How do I know when the battery is low in the hobex SMART?

    A green LED flashes on the card reader, a low battery is also indicated by an empty battery symbol on the card reader display. Please charge the card reader with the network device provided or with a micro USB cable to a USB connection on a computer. 

  4. My internet/Bluetooth connection was interrupted during the transfer transaction. Did the transaction go through?

    You can check the exact status of a transaction, whether it was successful or not:


    1. in the app invoice list (only successful transactions are displayed)

    2. in the follow-up text in hobex PartnerNet

    3. by asking the hobex technical hotline 

  5. I think my hobex SMART card reader may be broken. What should I do?

    Please contact hobex, we will check the device and send you a replacement, if necessary. 
    Please note: The contractually agreed guarantee for the hobex SMART card reader is 12 months 

  6. I cannot carry out any transactions, there is a % display on the card reader. What does this mean?

    The card reader software receives an automatic update. Please do not interrupt this process, it only takes a few seconds. 

  7. How often do I need to charge the device?

    Once a month 



  1. I have forgotten my username / my access password for the app. What can I do?

    Please contact the hobex team to reset your password. Please have your hobex customer code ready.

  2. I have lost my card reader or it has been stolen. What should I do?

    Please inform hobex immediately. Your device will be locked free of charge for security. However, there is no sensitive transaction data saved on the device. 

  3. What should I check on the hobex SMART card reader?

    Please regularly check


    1. the integrity of the device (housing, connections), in order to be sure that it has not been manipulated

    2. the serial number on the reverse of the device, to ensure that it has not be changed 

  4. Is sensitive data stored on the app or hobex SMART card reader?

    No. Sensitive transaction data is neither stored on the smartphone or the card reader. The data is encrypted directly in the reader and immediately transferred to the hobex server (PCI P2PE). 

  5. Can I use WLAN for the internet connection? What settings do I need?

    Yes. Card transaction security is guaranteed by point-to-point encryption and not by the quality of the network connection.



Dimensions (L x W x H)

10,2 x 5,56 x 1,59 cm


105 g

Graphic display

Monochrome 128x64 LCD


16 keys


Micro USB


Lithium Polymer 470mAh, up to 250 transactions per charging cycle



Download the hobex SMART App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it.



Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and couple it with the hobex SMART card reader.


Start the app and register your user data.


Finished! You can get started. Accept payments and discover the app.

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