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It is one of the most well-known credit card brands in the world and is issued in cooperation with banks. Debits from the card account are provided electronically or in e-Commerce and mail order processes.

  • around 400 million cards issued in Europe alone
  • Around 11 percent of all consumer spending in Europe is via Visa card
  • "Verified by Visa" security procedure for e-Commerce


MasterCard is one of the leading credit cards worldwide. Acceptance of MasterCard is very high, particularly in Europe and especially in Austria.

  • MasterCard has more than 1 million cardholders in Austria
  • more than 750 million cards in 210 countries worldwide
  • secure online payment form "MasterCard Secure Code"


JCB is the largest credit card issuer and customer acquirer in Japan. The card is most popular in Japan and Korea, although it is also widely used in Taiwan, Thailand and some Gulf States. Providers of products and services in cities and tourist destinations in Europe would be well advised to accept JCB.

  • just under 70 million cards issued worldwide
  • more than 18 million acceptance points in 190 countries

Union Pay International

As China's number one, Union Pay has been the world’s fastest growing credit card brand for many years. Cardholders particularly appreciate the open and flexible credit limit.

  • more than 2.1 billion cards issued in 14 countries
  • very high average sales

Diners Club & Discover

Special cooperative partnerships in the lifestyle, golf and tourism sectors make the Diners Club card an exclusive means of payment which frequent travellers and business customers like to use.

  • significantly higher sales than for other credit card brands
  • Diners Club cards are issued in more than 60 countries

American Express

Owing to its additional insurance and special benefits, the exclusive credit card brand, American Express (Amex), is a favourite payment method for travellers.

  • above average card sales

Direct debit

Electronic direct debiting (ELV) with a signature and the Maestro card is a very popular and secure process. It can be used by guests from Germany and Austria and can be immediately activated in accommodation businesses (hotels, guesthouses …).

  • Considerably cheaper than credit card payments
  • Convenient and easy payment by signature for your guests
  • High and guaranteed payment possible


V PAY is a debit card developed by VISA Europe which has been tailored to the requirements of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) with its EMV chip. There are 16 million cards in Europe in the meantime. No technical changes to the terminal are required to accept the card.

  • high security through Chip and PIN
  • high acceptance
  • quick credit entry


Maestro is the leading international debit card with more than 300 million cardholders in Europe.

  • 652 million cards issued worldwide, 303 million in Europe
  • 12.3 million acceptance points worldwide, 7.1 million in Europe
  • online identification for payment security
  • your account is quickly credited
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