Security for card payments in the Internet

3-D Secure (collective term for secure payment processes such as Visa Secure and MasterCard SecureCode) is a process which is used for extra security in online credit card transactions.

Your customers are automatically redirected to a secure page of the issuing bank and have to confirm their payment there by inputting a password. The actual online authorization is subsequently provided.

A chargeback with the argument "Transaction not executed" (liability reversal) is then no longer possible for your customers. This also functions when the customer's bank is not a participant in the Visa Secure and MasterCard SecureCode security procedures.

3-D Secure provides you with practical advantages:

  • Protection against fraudulent card use
  • Reduction in legitimate chargebacks as the result of "Transaction not executed"
  • Increase in payment security
  • Simple integration of the merchant
  • Plugin for secure data transmission to the card organization / issuing bank
  • 3D Secure protects the merchant against chargebacks in which the customer states that they did not make the payment.


Further information

Visa Secure

MasterCard SecureCode

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Your payment is safe with us.

Your payment is in good hands where you see this hobex logo! You pay one of our contractual partners directly via the SSL-protected "hobex Online" payment page.

hobex is an Austrian company which has processed cashless transactions since 1991. hobex is a certified payment institution and Associated Member of Visa and MasterCard. This means that all the prescribed security standards of the credit card companies are complied with by hobex.

hobex makes secure infrastructure available to merchants for processing Internet payments (e-commerce) and undertakes the processing of your payment. hobex ensures that the transacted posting is correctly processed by the merchant and your bank and the credit card company. Please note that your transaction takes place directly with the company.

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