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NEW Create and send payment links instantly.

Add the hobex payment link to your offers and invoices or simply send them to your customers directly by e-mail in order to offer your customers the option to pay quickly and easily.

This saves you sending cumbersome payment information and time-consuming checking and assignment of incoming payments in your bank account. As soon as your transaction has been successfully completed, you and your customer receive a confirmation by e-mail.

The payment link can be reached from the hobex online cockpit, which includes the following features: 

  • Dashboard – overview of your income
  • Transaction list in real time
  • PCI compliant
  • No handling of sensitive card data
  • Secure payment via 3D Secure process

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We are happy to provide you with further information about the combination options with other hobex online Cockpit products, such as the webterminal Moto or the webterminal Pinpad.





The web terminal can be operated from a desktop PC, a notebook or a tablet. It accesses the existing internet connection during this process.

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