Additional functions

Contactless payment (NFC)

hobex NFC terminals mean that queues at the checkouts are a thing of the past. Cardholders with MasterCard, VISA or American Express do not have to enter the PIN or sign for small amounts up to 50 euro. All they have to do to make the payment is hold the card in front of the scanner at the terminal. Then wait for confirmation - done. The complete payment process takes less than two seconds! PIN input and signature are only required for payments of more than 50 euro.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

With hobex DCC, your payment terminal automatically identifies cards from outside the European currency area and asks your guests if they would like to pay in their usual local currency. Your advantage: you receive a commission for each DCC payment which minimizes your card charges – we call this cashless payment. Your customers profit from the convenient payment in local currency and the best exchange rate offer of the day. Possible currencies (extract): Danish krone, British pound, US dollar, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Russian rouble.

VAT refund (TaxFree)

The free additional service "TaxFree" offers your customers from non-EU countries a quick and easy way to obtain a VAT refund. Your customers thereby gain a price advantage. Our partnership with Planet provides the trading companies with key advantages: the customer's credit card data is used to determine whether the customer is entitled to a VAT refund. The transaction is then transferred electronically. The manual filling in of receipts is no longer necessary. These are printed out directly and the businesses can thereby avoid annoying delays at the POS.

Automated bookkeeping

Apart from the extensive range of POS terminals, PIN pads or eCommerce solutions as well as the accounting of all generally used card products on these terminals, hobex also offers you innovative and simple solutions which enable you to complete your bookkeeping for the hobex card transactions with little effort.

hobex generates a CSV file of your transactions every day, which you can easily retrieve by means of SFTP and your accounting software. Our employees will be pleased to help you with any questions on the subject of automated bookkeeping with hobex, the hobex PartnerNet or matters of cashless payment transactions on +43 662 2255-0.

Gratuity function

The hobex gratuity function allows you to add a gratuity to the bill easily and automatically. Your guest can therefore easily have a gratuity debited in a card payment. You or your waiter only have to press a button on the terminal and enter the desired amount. Your guests will appreciate this service.

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