It’s easy to make a payment. It’s even easier to keep on top of things. Thanks to our solutions for the catering trade.

Mobile payment transactions become a pleasure with hobex.

We set new standards in the implementation of more efficient payment processes, thereby providing even more security and comfort for the care of your guests.

Restaurants are about more than just the intake of food. They have served as a place of harmony and pleasure from time immemorial. Nevertheless, a comfortable atmosphere extends far beyond good food and drink. The values of your business are especially reflected in the service provisions. For this reason, we now offer you new possibilities to cater for your guests: a terminal with a range of up to 200m is available to you with the hobex VARIO, our hobex mobile terminals are even independent of location as a result of GPRS. No matter whether at the bar, at the table or in the outdoor dining area, our advanced technologies always enable you to offer your guests quick and secure payment options

Our chef's suggestion: a mobile & contactless terminal with a gratuity function - top service for your guests!

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Payment solutions for the hospitality industry


The comprehensive hobex range of payment terminals for payment by credit and debit card offers you the right products for practically any application, irrespective of whether it concerns stationary or mobile use in the outdoor dining area or on the terrace.

Gratuity function

The hobex gratuity function allows you to add a gratuity to the bill easily and automatically. Your guest can therefore easily have a gratuity debited in a card payment.


With hobex DCC, your payment terminal automatically identifies cards from outside the European currency area and asks your guests if they would like to pay in their usual local currency.


hobex NFC terminals mean that queues at the checkouts are a thing of the past. Cardholders with MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave do not have to enter the PIN or sign for small amounts up to 25 euro

Voucher systems

Together with our innovation partners, we repeatedly develop ground-breaking voucher systems. For example, the "Voucher Express System" from INCERT.

POS interface

Have amounts automatically transferred to the terminal from a cash desk or ERP system. A quicker transaction is thereby obtained and the error source arising from manual entry of the amount at the terminal excluded.

Automated bookkeeping

We offer innovative and easy solutions which simplify your bookkeeping many times over. From now on, you can execute hobex card transactions with a minimum of effort.

An extract from our references

Flatscher Restaurant and Bar – Vienna

„Our customers attach importance to quick and comfortable payment – hobex handles this perfectly and the personal on-site support of hobex is also top class.“

Asam Schlössl – Munich

„We are passionate about our restaurant and card payments are indispensable in the working day. And something even more important: there must be no problem in making payment after a perfect evening. This always proceeds reliably and professionally with hobex. Thank you very much for the excellent working relationship.“

Schafalm – Schladming

„We offer perfect service and the highest quality to our international visitors to the Planai in Schladming at an altitude of 1,800m above sea level. This also includes cashless payment. We have found the right regional partner in hobex."

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