Mutual trust is indispensable in the medical and healthcare sector - both in the treatment and the care of your patients. We also integrate this trust in the payment process! The goal of our innovations is therefore to optimize the commercial processes in your healthcare facility and to provide even more security in individual payment transactions.

Hygienisch bargeldlos bezahlen

Payment solutions for healthcare.


The comprehensive hobex range of payment terminals for payment by credit and debit card offers you the right products for practically any application, irrespective of whether it concerns a stationary or mobile use outside the practice.


hobex NFC terminals mean that queues at the checkouts are a thing of the past. Cardholders with MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave do not have to enter the PIN or sign for small amounts up to 50 euro.

Automated Bookkeeping

We offer innovative and easy solutions which simplify your bookkeeping many times over. From now on, you can execute hobex card transactions with a minimum of effort.

Bargeldlose Zahlungen für die Medizin

“In our clinic we want to conjure up a cheerful smile for every patient, and hobex helps us in this with its perfect payment management.” 

Dentist DDr. Tuli – Salzburg

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